Welcome to Esperance Press.
The World’s Southernmost Publisher.

Every one of our books is a journey, each one originating from a different time or place but all with the same destination:  the magnificent environment and unique lifestyle of our island home.

“It is an heroic landscape, battleground for good and evil, demanding Herculean labours, Homeric challenges…  It is the stuff of great stories, heroic yearnings. The raw material for epic narratives.”
Richard Davey

“It is the writer’s power, and privilege, to be able to express in words the love of place that most men and women feel with a passion second only to their love of family.”
Amanda Lohrey

“For we all long to return to places where fond memories live and old spirits greet us like friends from the past.”
Bob Brown

*Quotes taken from ‘A Writer’s Tasmania’
edited by Carol Patterson and Edith Speers,
Esperance Press 2000